Simple Sam wants you to have the most natural-sounding, musical samples you have ever heard. Creating sample libraries that accomplish these goals isn't rocket science. It just requires a different creation process that most companies are unwilling to commit to.

We focus on capturing  only the best performers and instruments with the best microphones and gear possible, at the source. We don't apply excessive post-processing or pitch-shifting… we record it in the best possible way to begin with. What results is a natural-sounding virtual instrument bursting with life and character. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But that is what makes it sound real.

Our brain's cognitive system is extremely sensitive to the small cues we receive from musical nuances such as attack and onset, shifts in the timbral recipe over time, and variances in decay. When sample library creators attempt to neutralize or remove these subtle differences to "standardize" their library, they remove the very essence of what makes a performance sound human and musical. We care about realism and musicality first and foremost. That's what makes us different. 


Simple Sam likes to keep it simple. Pure, Clean, Bold, Organic, Unprocessed Musical Sounds. It just sounds better.